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Loyalty & Rewards

Loyalty & Rewards

Snackworks is pleased to offer our customers an innovative and progressive customer loyalty program though our partnership with USConnect. Simply by using the loyalty rewards program (and app), customers have access to the following benefits:

  • Quarterly product promotions sponsored by well-known manufacturers such as Frito-Lay, Pepsi, Mars, Hershey, Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.
  • The ability to select (and support) their choice of charity with a donation valued at 1.5% of each purchase. Donations are paid out to charities on a quarterly basis.
  • Receive rewards for every purchase!
  • Ongoing promotions year-round.

USConnect and its loyalty and rewards program is available exclusively through Snackworks.

With the simple scan of your USConnectMe app, you not only purchase your desired snack, food, or beverage, but you also monetarily support your charity of choice and accumulate loyalty points for future purchases.

A powerful employee benefit indeed!

The future of vending is here…check out the details in the video below.

Learn more about getting started with our loyalty rewards program

"“Lisa and Josh Leuchter have taken care of our firm’s vending needs for 8 successful years, and we are delighted to provide a testimonial for their growing and prospering organization, Snackworks, Inc. This is a solid and established company with active and long-standing involvement in community service and development, making a significant economic impact in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. What distinguishes Snackworks is their dedication to superior customer service, attention to detailed requests, and prompt and efficient response to our firm’s particular needs.”"

— Office Manager
Blalock Walters, P.A.