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Water Coolers

Water Coolers

Encouraging health and wellness at work begins with having a supply of fresh, clean water available for your team.

We are pleased to offer a variety of options for water filtration. If you prefer having options beyond plain tap water or bottled water (which is available through our vending services), we've got you covered! Snackworks provides 5-gallon filtered water bottle coolers in addition to bottleless water coolers with filters. Do you need hot water for tea and cocoa? Our coolers can supply both hot and cold filtered water for all your needs. When it comes to water delivery systems, there are many choices, and we are happy to help design a water program that works best for you.

Benefits to Filtered Bottleless Water Coolers

  • No lifting of heavy bottles onto the coolers—eliminating potential worker’s compensation claims
  • More cost effective than bottles—no more unnecessary plastic bottles polluting the environment
  • No need to remember to order water, as you will never run out again
  • No need to find space to store extra bottles of water
  • Modern Stylish Design to complement any workplace interior
  • Cleaner, fresher water

"“SNACKWORKS became our vendor of choice for Vending, Office Coffee Service, and Water Coolers in 2009, and we could not be more pleased. With multiple automobile dealerships, we have many different needs for products, equipment types, and sizes, and service intervals. SNACKWORKS can always be relied upon to provide us with excellent advice, attention, and service. I have a great deal of respect and regard for Lisa Leuchter and SNACKWORKS.”"

— Fred Bartholomew , Fixed Operations Director
Gettel Automotive Group